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Garment care

 Need a hand with taking care of your new clothing? Our instructions below should be able to help you out. 


Always look at the label and follow washing instructions for each product.

Please note that not all products can be machine washed and not all our products carry a care label.

For further information please feel free to contact our customer care team,

Garments which have been printed must never be washed at more than 30°C.
Garments which have prints should be washed inside out.
DO NOT USE FABRIC CONDITIONER on printed garments.
NEVER TUMBLE DRY garments which have been printed.
Do not use cleaners with bleach even on white clothing.
Do not use stain remover spray on printed clothing.
Rain Jackets & Waterproof Garments are usually made from a waterproof coated fabric. This makes the care
of these garments even more important:

Either hand wash in cold water or wash separately in a cold wash cycle in a machine
Always wash inside out
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Ensure product is fully dry before folding


We recommend all products are allowed to dry naturally
For best results pull garment into shape whilst damp
Follow specific garment instructions with regards to tumble drying
NEVER tumble dry a garment than includes a digital print – numbers, initials, sponsor logos etc
NEVER tumble dry a rain jacket or waterproof garment
We do not recommend tumble drying T-shirts.
Keep away from direct sunlight.


Many sportswear garments will not require ironing, but please follow garment care of specific product when ironing.
We recommend all garments are ironed inside out
Never place an iron directly onto a digital print
Gathering of garment can often occur around any embroidery on a garment. Ironing the area (inside out) will usually straighten out this issue
Refer to the printed users-manual for your machine for more information.

Always read the instructions on your cleaning products. Not all cleaning products are the same.

Skyscraper Group is not responsible for damage to garments where the above instructions have not been followed. This does not affect your statutory rights.